You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

A Good Man – Chapter 30 – JohnA Passaro

In prosperity,
Our friends know us.
In adversity,
We know our friends.

G.K. Chesterton

Six years passed until the next time I saw Bill.

We ran into each other at a mutual friends wedding.

Bill asked how I was doing.

I replied that my life couldn’t get any worse.

And there it was again.

For the second time in my life, I saw the millisecond of truth.

This time the millisecond of truth revealed to me sincere sadness.

Bill was extremely upset to hear me say that.

We talked about how much had changed for me since the last time we saw each other.

In six years my life went from: “My life can’t get any better than this” to “I don’t know how my life can get any worse.”

How did that happen?

Quite simply, I had changed my original formula on how to live life.

Randy Pausch, in his book “The Last Lecture” tells a story of pouring a can of soda on the white leather seats of his brand new Volkswagen Cabrio to show his niece and nephew that “People are more important than things.”

Let’s just say that during those six years my niece and nephew would never have had the chance to ride in my car because I would have been at work attempting to make more money.

Somewhere during those six years, I decided that my original formula for life was not working as well as it should have, and I decided to go with a New Formula.

My new formula for life was – More Money.

Money bought things.

Things I never had.

Things I wanted.

Things I got.

Even though there was nothing he could do to help my situation, Bill’s eyes told me he was rooting for me.

“Don’t worry, you’ll recover. You can’t keep a good man down.”

It took some time, and I did recover.

By changing back to the original formula on how to live life.

The one I was exposed to by working with Bill.

People are more important than things, especially money.

Life has a funny way of taking away things to show you how much you really love people.

A brilliant marketing plan, I would say.

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