Winter Darkness

A Good Man – Chapter 20 – JohnA Passaro

The flower that blooms in adversity,
Is the rarest and most beautiful of all.


The winters at Peconic Beverage were cold, dark and desolate.

In reality, it would have taken only one person to run the store – business was that slow.

Bill kept four of us on board that winter.

In the summertime the pace was utterly chaotic, always running from one customer to the next.

The store was always filled and there was a constant flow of customer traffic.

In the winter the store was still, and most of the time hours passed between customers.

The flow was slow. When more than one customer was in the store at the same time, it was considered a winter rush.

Having four people employed at this time was totally unnecessary.

Bill did it to take care of those he considered “good people”.

Hard times are hard.

Twice as hard as you ever thought they would be.

They last twice as long as you ever expect them to.

Winters are dark.

Darker than you could ever imagine.

There is nothing that helps get you through dark times better than good people.

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