UIF – The Season Starts Today


The season starts today.

The last 80 days have been a warm up.

The last 800 days’ only a preparation.

February has reset your once intimidating record to a mere mortal.

It now contains two zeroes and a dash.


That’s OK because the mission has always been to be Undefeated In February, UIF.

It is what every high school wrestler dreams of.

February, in wrestling, is the post-season.

The only season.

The season where big wins get amplified and stay with you for life or one loss sends a wrestler’s head into chaos from which he may never recover.


To run the table.

To win 3 consecutive high school tournaments.

One, progressively tougher than the other.

To win Leagues, Sections, and the State Tournament.

12 matches in succession.

Without defeat.

All in February.


It is the driving force behind a year’s worth of grueling practices, behind all the unreasonable sacrifices that have had to be made, behind the loneliness and solitude, behind what makes a champion.

It is the reason a wrestler subjects himself to the sports torture.

It is why a wrestler endures the pain and suffering of the grind of a long season.

It is why every wrestler competes.

February is the toll booth that only lets a wrestler continue their travel on to their desired destination only if they have paid the price.

In Full.

No Promises.

No IOU’s

Exact Change Only.

No E-ZPass’s allowed.

Having paid the price only allows you to be able to travel on.

It allows you to have a chance.

How much gas you have left, what condition your body is in, and whether you have the wherewithal to overcome unexpected detours that will suddenly erupt on your journey are questions that will only be answered by the quality of your training and the burning inside of your heart.

The field of nearly 20,000 will be narrowed this weekend.

And again the following weekend.

To come up with the 325 most deserving individuals.

Across 15 weight classes.

Will you be one of them?

And if you do reserve your seat on the bus, will you fight hard and smart enough to make the final cut?


To be one of the 15 wrestlers in the state who win their last 4 high school matches of the year.

6:00 pm Saturday, February 25th will be here in no time.

The only question that remains is will you one of the 10,000 in the stands or one of the 15 atop of the podium?

Only February will tell who will be:


“The Season Starts Today – UIF”

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