Tonic Water Lady

A Good Man – Chapter 28 – JohnA Passaro

No one can make you feel inferior,
Without your consent.

Eleanor Roosevelt
This Is My Story

“Young man, I need a bottle of tonic, three bottles of seltzer in the small bottles, I hate the large bottles, a case of Evian and seven bottles of Heineken,” a prissy lady in a yellow dress wearing a white hat and white gloves on a hot summer day.

“The bottle of tonic can be found on that wall over there, the seltzer is over there and…” I started saying before Bill interrupted me.

“John, I’ll take over from here.”

“Tonic Water Lady” would be the last customer I would ever wait on at Peconic Beverage.

Retail had been slowly taking its toll on me.

“Tonic Water Lady’s”upper-class snobbishness accelerated my retail intolerance.

“Hey, what happened back there?” Bill asked after “Tonic Water Lady” had left.

“She actually wanted me to get her the tonic water off of the shelf, then go get her some seltzer…” I fumed.

“She thinks she’s better than me,” I said.

“Nobody can make you feel like they are better than you unless you let them. And right now you are letting them.” Bill said.

“John, I see how you watch FNN on TV, I see how you sold those neon signs, and you’re great with numbers. You should become a stockbroker.”

So I did.

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