The Power Of Unanswered Points

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Train Your Brain

Have you ever watched a basketball game between two offensive-minded teams?

A game where both teams went up and down the court and each scored on every possession.

Who usually wins this type of game?

The team who had the last possession.


Because the clock played the only defense in the game.

When there was no time left on the clock, it took away the ability for one team to match the other teams’ score.

When a wrestler scores with short time the same thing occurs.

He is the team with the last possession.

The clock will play defense, and it will take away his opponents ability to match the points he scored.

Let’s take a look at the full cycle of a situation.

A wrestler takes his opponent down with 45 seconds left in the period and gets 2 points.

Within the 45 seconds, the other wrestler gets an escape and scores 1 point.

Now let’s look at a wrestler who gets a takedown with 4 seconds to go in the period.

The clock plays the defense and eliminates his opponent’s opportunity to work for an escape.

In the first instance, the wrestler who got the takedown scored 2 points and gave up 1.

In the second, he scored 2 points and gave up 0.

If given enough time his opponent would most likely have earned a point for an escape, but the clock played defense.

Hence, the power of unanswered points.

An added advantage of scoring with short time is the time that it takes to reset and allow the wrestlers to get in the referee position for the next period.

This is prime talking time for the voices inside the head of both wrestlers’.

Valuable time which gives your opponent ample opportunity to listen to and to be convinced by the little voices that he will not win the match.

There is only one thing more impactful to the result of a match than scoring on the line or scoring with short time.

And that is scoring on the line with short time.

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