The Most Unselfish Act Ever

Again – Chapter 34 – JohnA Passaro

If giving is a gift
And it surely is,
Then my gift to you,
Is to allow you to give to me.

Jarod Kintz

It wasn’t until later that night that I realized what had actually happened.

Nick Piccininni won a New York State Title at 120 Pounds,

Travis won a New York State Title at 126 Pounds.

Chris Mauriello won a New York State Title at 132 Pounds.

Jimmy Leach came one match short of placing in the State Tournament.

¾ of the UIFx4 complete and in ecstasy, ¼ of the UIFx4 in pain.

Every wrestling father has as much emotionally invested in his child’s success as his son does.

To say that Jimmy Leach Sr. was in some emotional pain, is an understatement.

Jimmy and I are pretty superstitious, to say the least.

He has worn the same clothes to Jimmy’s match ever since Jimmy won an exciting match in the Section XI Tournament last year; he has also sat in the same seat every match.

No matter what.

It is our routine to video tape each others son’s wrestling matches, so the other can enjoy the match, and also have a video that will not make you sea sick when it is replayed back home.

The finals of the New York State Tournament were no exception.

It was Jimmy Sr. who captured on film, Travis running out of the ice rink, up the stairs and over to me.

It was Jimmy who filmed one the most special moments of my life.

It was Jimmy who could have stopped filming right after Travis’s hand had been raised.

Instead, in his time of emotional misery, he went out of his way to capture my moment of happiness.

One that I will cherish forever.

One that I would never have had the pleasure to view over and over again, if he did not put my happiness ahead of his misery.

It takes a special person to do such, one that he is.

As for Jimmy Jr., I know he will go on and have a very successful college-wrestling career; he has it in him, I have no doubt.

I also know that sometimes the reward you seek may not be the reward you receive.

I know that some of the biggest winners in this sport never actually get to the top step of the podium.

It just may take a few years for him to realize it.

It took me twenty-six.

I hope he gets as much out of the sport of wrestling as I have, from my non-win.

I know that he will.

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