The Millisecond of Truth

A Good Man – Chapter 29 – JohnA Passaro

All my instincts,
They return
And the grand facade,
So soon will burn
Peter Gabriel

In Your Eyes

There is a millisecond of time when the truth is flashed in plain sight for all to see.

It is in one’s eyes when you share good news with a person, it is in one’s voice during an initial greeting, it is in ones’ aura when you are in their presence.

For a millisecond, a window of truth into one’s soul will exist after which it will be quite deceptively adjusted and camouflaged into anything but the truth.

The millisecond of truth is always present.

It is infallible.

Ignore it at your own peril.

I first saw the millisecond of truth in Bill’s eyes.

I had taken Bill’s advice.

In October of 1986, on the same day Billy Hatcher crushed Met fans hearts with his 16th inning single to win game 6 of the National League Championship Series, I became a stockbroker.

I remember things like that.

As a new stockbroker, it took many months, working long hours, but eventually, I had some greater than expected financial success.

One day as I was on my way to a beach in the Hamptons, I stopped in at Peconic Beverage to visit with Bill.

We got to talking.

I told him a story of how I was laying on the beach the other day thinking to myself that “life can’t get any better than this.”

I had just purchased my dream car and house all in the last week.

That was when I first noticed the millisecond of truth.

In Bill’s eyes.

Sincere happiness for my recent financial success.

That is what flashed in his eyes for the briefest of seconds and then it was gone.

Even good emotions get adjusted after the original reaction; it is just the way the millisecond of truth works.

I have learned to trust this millisecond of truth more than anything in the world.

I trust it over what someone says and over what someone promises to do.

For it is the truest truth there is.

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