Summer Bonus

A Good Man – Chapter 19 – JohnA Passaro

Our brightest blazes of gladness
Are commonly kindled
By unexpected sparks.

Samuel Johnson

When the summer drew to a close, I presumed my job did too. I understood I had only been hired for the summer season.

I was handed an envelope.

Inside the envelope was a check for two weeks pay.

With a note attached saying to enjoy my summer bonus.

“What is this Bill?”

“It’s your summer bonus, We give two bonuses’ each year. One at the end of the summer and you will be getting your other one around Thanksgiving.”

“What do you mean ‘my other one’? I said.

I thought this job was just for the summer – that the winters were absolutely dead?”

“You always stick with good people during hard times. Good people are hard to find. When you find one, you do everything you can to hold onto them.”

I once worked for a multi-billion-dollar corporation that wondered why their workforce had such low morale.

This was the same corporation which scheduled their employees for only 19 hours for the week. Strategically and carefully staying under 20 hours a week which would have qualified them for health care benefits.

This was the same corporation whose CEO voted to give himself a $2-million-dollar year-end bonus while giving his employees a choice between a Boars Head turkey or Boars Head ham for their holiday bonus.

It’s not that I was ungrateful for the ham or turkey.

But I would think the idea of giving a bonus is to make one feel like they are part of something, not like there is a moat separating you from the company.

This company’s way of improving morale was to get rid of the employees with the “bad attitudes” and hire new employees.

Over time I finally realized the company’s true intention wasn’t to hire new employees with better attitudes, it was to look for new employees that had a much longer spoiling time.

They continued their shenanigans with their new employees.

Miraculously, right around holiday bonus time of the following year, the company realized they had

hired workers who had just as bad an attitude as the previous ones.


When you take care of people, they know it.

They become loyal.

They will do anything for you.

When you find a good person in your life – stick with them.

Through the winters and the hard times.

Spring comes before you know it.

One day it’s summer again.

Seasons change.

Good people seldom do.

They remain good people.

And there is nobody better to go through a winter with than a good person.

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