Score On The Line

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Train Your Brain

More matches are broken open on the line than anywhere else on the mat.

For whatever reasons, wrestlers have a tendency to stop wrestling on the line.

They lose their focus and intensity for a brief second.

That will be all that it will take to cost them the match.

Dominating efforts originate by scoring on the line.

On the line is the ideal place to have a burst of intensity, a magnified focus and to wrestle harder, more determined.

Your increased focus and intensity matched with your opponent’s mind drift will create the perfect storm for you to dominate the match.

What happens after one wrestler scores on the line and then goes out of bounds?

His opponent has that slow walk back into the center of the circle to get ready for referee’s position where he has to listen to the little voices going crazy inside his head.

His focus will be on the past, not in the present; which gives his opponent the slight edge to win the whistle.

It’s all a domino effect.

When you analyze how wrestling matches are decided, the point where they are won for one wrestler and where they went south for the other, I guarantee you fill find that a vast majority of the time it will be when one wrestler hesitated, lost focus, or stopped wrestling on the line, and his opponent took advantage of his mental mistake.

The same can be said for short time.

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