Score First

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Train Your Brain

There is nothing that gets the little voices inside your opponent’s head to start talking faster than for him to quickly be behind in the score.

We all have heard the adage,

“The wrestler who gets the first takedown wins.”

Every wrestler has heard this, every coach who has ever coached him throughout his life has told him so.

Why is that cardinal rule nearly infallibly accurate?

It’s because as soon as a wrestler gets behind in the score his little negative little voices inside of his head start talking to him.

His doubt shouts.

His confidence gets shaken.

His fear of losing rises.

The funny thing is, at the same time your opponent is bombarded with negativity, the wrestler who just got the first takedown also hears little voices.

But the right voices.

The voices of confidence, belief and fearlessness.

The wrestler who just got the first takedown confidence builds.

He wrestles fearless, with no hesitation, as he knows he is going to win the match.

All from one takedown.

Get the first takedown quickly.

Give the voices reason to start talking.

And your opponent reason to listen to them.

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