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Divided, Yet United

6 Minutes Wrestling with Life – Chapter 3 – JohnA Passaro  United we stand. Divided we fall. Aesop August 25th, 2009 It seems like it has been forever. But I get the feeling ‘forever’ hasn’t even started yet… It is now Tuesday, August 25th, 6:00 a.m., 80 hours […]

The Pursuit

For the longest time – I got it wrong…

I thought the ultimate achievement in wrestling was to win a State Championship…

It is not.

The ultimate achievement in wrestling is to prepare a young man for his life by having him become the best person he can be by acquiring the “Qualities of a Wrestler” while in pursuit of a state championship.


There. Sometimes you get “There” unimpeded by following your vision, this is rare. Often you get “there” by correcting a series of mistakes, each of which taken by themselves would have taken you further off course but somehow, taken in their entirety, directed you back on course. Getting […]