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The Cycle

Again – Chapter 27 – JohnA Passaro Life will hit you hard in the face, Wait for you to get back up, Just, So it can kick you in the stomach. But getting the wind knocked out of you, Is the only way to remind your lungs How […]

The Crash

Again – Chapter 24 – JohnA Passaro Exhaustion without reward is torture. Kerlynne Ferrer December 28th, 2014 One would think that the first few days’ home after a long hospital stay would be emotionally uplifting. They are not. They are physically and emotionally draining. It is the time […]


Again – Chapter 17 – JohnA Passaro Hear the voice That comes from your corner. The reason I have elected to write my name as JohnA Passaro is because of the feeling I get when I hear it said. When I wrestled in high school, there could be […]

The Sun Is Always There

Again – Chapter 12 – JohnA Passaro A day without sunshine, Is like, you know, Night. Steve Martin December 3rd, 2013 I continue to look out Jess’s window for the better part of the night. The sun is starting to beam its magnificent brightness over the trees on […]

The Pursuit

For the longest time – I got it wrong… I thought the ultimate achievement in wrestling was to win a State Championship… It is not. The ultimate achievement in wrestling is to prepare a young man for his life by having him become the best person he can […]

Impossible To Inevitable

When you decide that you are going to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, some time during your seemingly infinite journey the positive winds of change will start to blow against your back instead of into your face, and the weathervane of impossibility will […]

In the Zone

I have often wondered why I coach baseball. Why am I so obsessed with the sport? Why do I spend an insane amount of time and money just to teach kids how to play a game? What is so special about baseball that I make it my family’s […]

Saving Hope

It is early morning and I am looking out my living room window. The sun is appearing through the trees for the first time in a day. There is a light morning dew lifting off the ground. The grass, which has recently been dormant, is once again turning […]