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In the Zone

I have often wondered why I coach baseball. Why am I so obsessed with the sport? Why do I spend an insane amount of time and money just to teach kids how to play a game? What is so special about baseball that I make it my family’s […]

It Has to Hurt

You set out to achieve greatness, and you have come up short. You met your match.  You now realize that you gave it your all, and your all just wasn’t enough. And it hurts. It hurts badly. Worse than anything you have ever felt before. There is only one […]

Open Your Gifts

Your Soul Knows – Chapter 3 – JohnA Passaro Every adversity, Every failure, Every heartache, Carries with it The seed of something greater. Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich A little more than five years ago my world was knocked off of its axis and out of its orbit […]


Your Soul Knows – Chapter 1 – JohnA Passaro If I lay here, Would you lay with me And just look at the world? Chasing Cars September 19th, 2014 I am standing in line outside of an AT&T store on an abnormally cold September morning. I am waiting for […]

The Perfect Ending

Again – Chapter 36 – JohnA Passaro The fulfillment of your dreams Lies within you and you alone. When you understand and accept this, Then nothing, Or no one, Can deny you greatness. I have been given a gift. A perfect ending. An undefeated, 50-0, New York State […]

The Nod and Hug

Again – Chapter 33 – JohnA Passaro Water boils at 212 degrees At 211 degrees it is just hot. Every degree is necessary. There are 21 seconds left in Travis’s high school wrestling career. In less than half a minute, Travis will either fulfill his goal and become […]