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Never Choose Based On the Score

If there is no clear advantage in any position you should wrestle by the normal format of a wrestling match. But, when an advantage position exists, a wrestler should choose that position because it gives him the highest probability of scoring the greatest amount of points in the […]

Case Study

Take a look at the following ratings of each wrestler. Neutral Position Wrestler A (Dominant) vs Wrestler B (Average) ADVANTAGE matchup for wrestler A A on TOP, B on Bottom Wrestler A (Average) vs Wrestler B (Average) No ADVANTAGE B on TOP, A on Bottom Wrestler B (Dominant) […]

Let Me Be Clear

I am not saying you should arbitrarily choose top, or the neutral position just to be different and go against the grain. There will be many occasions where you will not have a clear advantage position versus an opponent. In these matches following the normal format of a […]


Here are the givens of a wrestling match. In the 1st period, both wrestlers will start out in the neutral position. In the 2nd and 3rd periods, wrestlers by choice will alternate taking the bottom position. 99% of all wrestling matches will follow this format. This is the […]

A Season By Design

How do you develop a wrestler for┬áthe next level without burning him out, preventing injury along the way, where his enthusiasm for the sport and his desire for success continues to grow? How many matches in a season is the right amount? How much training is too much? […]