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Back Points

WrestlingU Train Your Brain There is nothing that will get your opponent’s voices to sound as loud and as convincing than for him to find himself on his back. Being on his back, for a quality wrestler, is unfamiliar territory. It is an uncomfortable feeling. One of vulnerability. […]

Score First

WrestlingU Train Your Brain There is nothing that gets the little voices inside your opponent’s head to start talking faster than for him to quickly be behind in the score. We all have heard the adage, “The wrestler who gets the first takedown wins.” Every wrestler has heard […]

Little Voices

WrestlingU Train Your Brain Inside of the mind of every wrestler lurks his demons. They are the little voices of fear, doubt, and the lack of confidence. Your mission in a match is to get the little voices inside your opponent’s head to start talking to him. And […]

The Release

WrestlingU Train Your Brain Every wrestling match that you wrestle will be difficult. Until, it’s not. It’s not that your opponent can’t match your intensity, he can and will. The question is for how long can he do it? The difference between the quality of one wrestler with […]

The Ultimate Domination

WrestlingU Train Your Brain Let me be clear, I am not against pinning an opponent. I would just rather do it after I have amassed a 15-point lead. A tech-pin. Is there any more defining form of domination in a wrestling match? A tech-pin not only maximizes the […]

Why Dominate?

WrestlingU Train Your Brain Elite wrestlers have a method to their madness. A reason for everything they do. Everything matters to them. If the goal of a wrestling match is not to just win the match, but rather to win the match, any future matches versus your current […]


Strategy for a wrestler who is Dominant in Neutral 1st Period – Neutral (Advantage Position) 2nd Period – Choose Neutral (Advantage Position) 3rd Period – Opponent chooses Bottom – immediately cut him to wrestle the period from the neutral position (Advantage Position) Strategy against a wrestler who is Dominant […]

Short Periods

The period time length should also be factored into the equation when determining choice. There have been some major tournaments with championship rounds or wrestle backs with 1 minute periods, either 2-1-1 or 1-2-2. When you run into a 1-minute period you need to ask yourself one question […]


WrestlingU is a book series dedicated to the wrestler who is looking to get to the next level. A wrestler who understands the value of training his brain along with his training body. Each book in the series tackles and breaks down a key aspect of the sport […]