Old Naked Lady

A Good Man – Chapter 24 – JohnA Passaro

What light is to the eyes
What love is to the heart
Freedom is to the soul.

Robert Green Ingersol

It was a really hot day.

A scorcher.

Just as the flow of the customers came to a trickle, in walks a ninety-year-old lady wearing a tube top.

Above her breasts.

I don’t know if she was so hot that she was trying to cool off or if she was just so old that she didn’t realize when she got dressed in the morning that she had placed the tube top above her breasts.

I really don’t know.

What I did know was the old lady came to the counter and said, “Son, please bare with me because I am old,” and she started asking for my help with an order.

“Bare with you-you are old?” I recounted the old lady’s words in my head.

“You are also naked,” I said to myself.

I stood there stunned.

What should I do?

Do I tell her that her tube top was above her breasts?

Do I make believe this was normal attire?

Or do I do what any twenty-year-old would do and hold in my laughter and go tell his boss there is someone up front who wants to see him?

“Hey Bill, there’s a customer that’s looking for you in the front of the store,” I called out as I ran to the back of the store.

Good times.

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