Little Things

A Good Man – Chapter 14 – JohnA Passaro

Practice yourself
For heaven’s sake
In little things
Then proceed to greater.


Over the course of the next few months working at Peconic Beverage, I started noticing some things.

Little things.

For instance, when a customer entered the store with properly sorted empties, cleaned and in trays, Bill would hesitate to act, which would allow me to wait on that customer.

And when a customer came into the store carrying a trash bag full of empties seeping with empty juice, Bill would be the first one to wait on them.

Or when Shaky Ray came in at exactly 12:02 pm every day for his six-pack of Black Label, he would somehow wait in line until Bill was able to wait on him.

When Bill was available, Shaky Ray would put his six-pack on the counter, he would extend an open his hand which was full of coin.

The coins would shake more than dishes in a closet during an earthquake.

Bill would patiently and compassionately reach into the palm of his hand and take out exactly $2.33 in change.

Shaky Ray would say, “You got it?”

And Bill would say, “I got it. Thank you.”

That exchange would happen every day.

I also noticed when a popular item suddenly went on sale, it wasn’t because it was close to being out of date or that we were trying to get rid of its inventory.

It was because Bill negotiated a better price from the manufacturer and decided to pass along the savings to the customer.

Savings that quite easily could have gone to his bottom line but instead were shared with the customer.

Little things.

But I noticed.

People always do.

There have been a few times in my life when I was so focused on accomplishing a big thing that I overlooked little things, feeling they were not as important.

I have since learned that they are what is important.

No big thing ever gets accomplished unless the little things are true.

No business gets built unless you genuinely care about people.

No life improves unless you value and appreciate each day.

Big things are just a compilation of a whole lot of little things.

Big things are hard to accomplish.

Little things are not.

No matter what our circumstances may be, we all have the ability to accomplish little things every day.

And before you know it, BIG things happen.

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