Inside Out

A Good Man – Chapter 2 – JohnA Passaro

If there is a magic in telling a story
The formula seems to lie solely
In the aching urge of the writer
To convey something he feels is
Important to the reader.

John Steinbeck

There are times in your life when you run into someone who winds up making a huge difference in your life.

In how you think, how you act, who you are and who you’ve become.

And despite time or their absence, a piece of them continue to live inside of you.

The good man of whom I speak… his name is Bill.

Bill has been such a person to me.

He was the first boss I ever had in my life.

The best boss I ever had in my life.

Bill was my Secretariat of bosses.

It’s been thirty-one years and no one has even come close.

I have only seen Bill a handful of times over those thirty-one years.

I was a kid back when I first met Bill.

I am a man now.

In between, I have lived a lot of life.

My life has bounced between the extremes of exhilarating and excruciating – sometimes in the very same day.

It has taken me more than six years to learn how to keep my life at least 1% more exhilarating than excruciating at any given moment.

But no matter where I have ever been in my life’s cycle, the impact Bill made on me and my life has always been quite evident to me.

A good man has that impact on you.

He helps you in the good times, as well as the bad.

When Bill was my boss, I saw him every day.

And I never told him how I felt about him.

I haven’t seen Bill in over eight years.

To let him know what he has meant to me is now a driving force in my life.

I can’t explain why.

Maybe it is because I believe when someone impacts your life, it is important to let that person know they made a difference.

And I didn’t back then.

I only hope the reason why I didn’t tell Bill how I felt back then was so I would tell him on the day he really needs to hear it.


They say writers write when they have something on their inside they must get out.

I agree with that.

I liken it to a beach ball that is held under water.

Eventually, it needs to be released.

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Good Man, A - JohnA Passaro

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