Head Turning Events

Again – Chapter 26 – JohnA Passaro

There is no getting around
Turning bad things into good
Is up to you.

Deepak Chopra

January 8th, 2014

“Jess, can you turn your head all the way to the other side?”

I ask Jess just two weeks after she got home from the hospital, and one day before I am to leave with Travis to attend one of his biggest wrestling tournaments of the year – the Eastern States.

“Let me see you move your head Jess,” I repeat, giving Jess the time to take in the command.

My actual thought process was to plant a seed on Jess’s mind, to have her work on eventually turning her head; as she has never before moved her head on command over the last four 1/4 years.

To my amazement, Jess immediately moves her head 45 of the 180 degrees necessary to complete the command.

Over the next four minutes she completes the revolution of the other 135 degrees.

“That is awesome Jess. Now let me see you move your head back to the other direction.”

Four minutes later, her head is in the exact position from where it originally started.

“Let me see you do it again, Jess.”

She does.

This goes on for the next 40 minutes; Jess turns her head back and forth a total of ten times.

I say to her, “That is just amazing, Jess. You did a great job today,” as if to say, “That is enough work for today, let’s rest.”

Jess doesn’t want to stop.

She continues to move her hear back and forth, four more times, for a total of fourteen times.

It is simply amazing.

Jess is now sound asleep, ten seconds after her last 180-degree turn.

I am wide-awake.

Every one of my senses has been heightened, every pore on my skin has been opened, and every cell in my body is in motion.

It is the night before Travis and I are to leave for the Eastern States.

While Jess is sleeping, I look over the seeds for tomorrow’s tournament.

Travis is the 8th seed.

In order to win this most prestigious tournament, Travis will have to beat two nationally ranked wrestlers and last years New York State Champion.

“An opportunity for Travis to turn some heads,” I think to myself.

January 11th, 2014

At the 2014 Eastern States, Travis looks amazing – simply the best he has ever looked in his career.

He captures the 126 lb. Eastern States Championship and is named the lightweight Most Outstanding Wrestler in the process.

He even smiles during the award celebration, something that he has not done much over the last four years.

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