Expand The Lead

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Train Your Brain

As soon as you get the first takedown, your opponent will no longer wrestle in the moment.

His mind will focus on the past.

On what just happened.

He will need to answer his voices, to reassure himself that he is going to be alright.

This slight drift of focus on his part will cause him to hesitate.

During his hesitation – attack.

As it is the perfect time to expand the lead.

As your lead expands the voices inside your opponent’s head will become louder and more convincing.

Every first takedown should have back points that follow.

At the very least you need to score the next points.

Turn a 2-0 lead into 3-0, 4-0 or 5-0.

Convince your opponent that the voices are right – he has no chance of winning the match.

When you expand the lead of a match, you will find that your opponent will wrestle differently than he does in a close match.

He will take more risk.

He will foolishly attempt to score multiple points with one move.

His technique goes out the window.

He becomes sloppy.

Thus creating the perfect situation for you to pick him apart and tack on more points.

Every point by which you expand your lead brings your opponent one step closer to breaking.

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