Everything Matters

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Train Your Brain

The accumulation of small, seemingly insignificant events adds up and will go a long way to breaking your opponent.

The stall warning you got on your opponent by forcing the action on the line early in the first period will loom big in the 3rd period.

The caution you forced when in the referee’s position with only 2 seconds left in the 2nd period is one less caution you opponent will have when it matters.

To compensate, on the next whistle he will hesitate just slightly, but just enough to give you a slight edge to win the whistle.

The escape you get with 10 seconds left in the period answered your opponent’s points and halved the value of his takedown.

The tilt to back points with only 4 seconds left in the period that increased your lead from 4-2 to 6-2 just convinced your opponent that he wasn’t going to win.

Every stall warning.

Every caution.

Every answered point.

Every time you increase the lead.

It all matters.

You will never know which one will be the one that will break your opponent.

But one will. 

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