Don’t Be A Hero

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Train Your Brain

You need to respect a wrestler’s dominant position.

Don’t try to be a macho hero and attempt to beat him at his dominant position.

Even if the score dictates to do so.

Choice is about choosing to wrestle in the position that gives you the highest probability, of scoring the greatest amount of points, in the shortest amount of time.

Not every wrestler who is dominant in a position will score every time from that position, I totally understand that.

But I guarantee you there have been scores of wrestler’s who have attempted to beat that wrestler at his dominant position and have failed.

Have you ever wondered why guys tie up with a wrestler who is great at upper body?

Or choose bottom against a wrestler who is a hammer on top?

Why do wrestler’s knowingly do this?

Their ego’s are being challenged.

And wrestler’s love a challenge.

That is why.

When your ego is challenged, use your brain, not your brawn.

All points count the same, no matter where they are scored.

Wrestle in advantage positions.

Avoid or eliminate disadvantage positions.

That wrestler who is great at upper body is probably horrible from the mat.

If someone asked you to break a chain, would you concentrate your efforts on the strongest or the weakest link?

Don’t let your ego or the score sucker you to attempt to attack your opponents strongest link, when a weaker link exists.

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Choice_KDP_Cover_20160422 1560x2500 wb.png

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