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JohnA Passaro

I always knew that I would write, I just had no idea how personal my first book, "6 Minutes Wrestling with Life", would be to me.

I love to inspire, motivate and show a different approach to dealing with or solving life's problems through my writing.

As a former athlete and current coach, I believe that in sports there are valuable life lessons that can have a tremendous impact on a young athletes life.

I pull these life lessons out from my own experiences in sport.

Hopefully I have touched you through my writing and have stirred your emotions enough to live life more fully.

Control the Controllable

Control the controllable. Everyone has controllable and uncontrollable parts to their life. Everyone thinks it is the uncontrollable parts of their life that need the most attention. I beg to differ. The uncontrollable parts cannot be controlled. The controllable parts can. Concentrate on controlling the controllable. For, it’s […]