Ass Backwards and the One Eyed Guy

A Good Man – Chapter 26 – JohnA Passaro

We are not in the coffee business
Serving people
But rather
We are in the people business
Selling coffee.

Howard Schultz
CEO Starbucks

The shelf life of a person working in retail is less than the life expectancy of a bar-b-que left outside unprotected for the winter.

Working in retail can drive one crazy.

It took a few years, but it started to have a negative effect on my attitude.

All I knew was I wanted to be ‘there’, and not ‘here’ at my job.

I don’t know where ‘there’ was, just that it wasn’t ‘here’.

Here, was boring, monotonous, predictable, mundane.

It felt like every day was Deja-vu, all over again, as Yogi would say.

The same people buying the same items at the same times each day, over and over again.

At 9:30 am I would open the store with a line of people at the door ready to return their empties.

At precisely 11:11, Ass Backwards (we called her Ass Backwards because it looked like this lady’s ass was on backwards as if someone somehow rotated it from the back of her body to the front) would come in for her single can of soda.

Exactly 33 seconds later she would be followed by the One-Eyed Guy.

Shaky Ray would make his appearance at his exact time 12:02 pm.

And so on.

And so on.

And so on.

Every day.

The predictability drove me crazy.

Waiting on the same people who bought the same items, who bantered with you the exact same way – every day.

Day in and day out.

Bill recognized my change in perception of the world, and he knew I was deteriorating fast.

“Be grateful these people choose to come into the store every day. They are the ones who pay our salaries,” Bill reminded me.

Not coincidentally the “John, you’ve got to find your passion” talks began at the same time.

Bill never held me back.

Actually, he inspired me to find my passion so I could eventually move on.

Not because I was no longer a good worker but because he knew it was time.

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