A D.I.M.E. is Worthless

A Good Man – Chapter 34 – JohnA Passaro

Never believe a prediction
That doesn’t empower you.

Sean Stephenson

A few years back, when someone I knew and valued in my life wronged me in some way, I D.I.M.E’d them.

D.I.M.E. – Dead In My Eyes.

I put them in a mental prison, withdrew my love and support and couldn’t care less if they withered away or not.

You wronged me – I D.I.M.E you.

This act became easier and easier for me to do.

In the beginning, my life became less complicated.

I didn’t have to deal with any nonsense – just send anyone who wronged me to my mental prison and the situation was handled.

Until one day, after a few years, I realized I had imprisoned almost everyone I knew in my life, and

I had mentally imprisoned some quality people along the way.

I had thrown out their redeeming qualities in the process.

My mental ‘loveless prison’ was full.

My life was empty.

Just like when I knew I needed to separate Lance Armstrong’s qualities and be able to again refer to “It’s Not About the Bike” and “Every Second Counts,” I knew I had to start releasing my friends, family, and acquaintances from my mental ‘loveless prison’.

It was easy. I had the master key.


Once I re-instilled love to the people I had mentally imprisoned, my life improved dramatically.

My world seemed full again.

I believe life is about belief and love.

Decide whose team you’re on, never lose belief, and always love.

No matter what.

It is that simple.

Read the next chapter – Separation of Act and Person

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