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Nobody Can Want It More for You Than You Want It for Yourself



None of us will ever accomplish
Anything excellent or commanding
Except when he listens to this whisper
Which is heard by him alone.

Is “your dream” more important to someone else than it is to you?

If it is, I hate to tell you it is not your dream.

It is theirs.

If you answered that your dream is more important to someone else; your dad, your coach, your brother, anyone else, you may have initial success, but there will reach a point when the other person wants you to do things you are unwilling to do.

To reach down deeper than you care too.

To sacrifice more than you want.

At that point, you will meet resistance.

And unless you want it more than anyone else wants it for you, resistance will win.

And the law of deterioration will be set in motion.

Resentment will set in when the difference of what others want from you and what you want for yourself collide.

At first, the battles will be small, but they will escalate in time.

And one day they will come to a head.

You can’t “wrestle/live your life” for your parents.

You can’t “wrestle/live your life” for your coach.

You can’t “wrestle/live your life” for your brother,

teammates or friend.

You can only “wrestle/live your life” for yourself.

When you do and reach an obstacle that requires you to reach deep down, you will.

There will be no resistance.

“Nobody Can Want It More for You Than You Want It for Yourself”

Is a chapter from,

Wrestling Rules for Life Digital 20190826

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