Together is Enough to Handle Anything

The most valuable asset in the world is having people in your life who run towards you during a crisis.

People who would drop everything at anytime, no questions asked, to make a difference in your life for no other reason other than you need help.

They do it not as a calculated decision for a future payoff,

But for absolutely nothing in return.

If they ever stopped and thought about what they were doing, the sacrifice and risks they were taking for your benefit, it should be hard for them to proceed. They proceed anyway. That is what makes them special, they don’t think, they do.

Do everything you can to accumulate these people in your life.

If you happen to accumulate one of these people in your life, you are lucky.

Two, you are blessed.

Do anything in return for these angels.

Reciprocate their spirit.

Copy their behavior.

Hold in high esteem their character.

Pay forward their humanity.

And no matter what you or they will ever have to face, you’ll know you will always face it together.

And together is enough to handle anything.

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