A Great Moment

I enjoy watching great wrestling programs and analyzing what makes them great.

Rocky Point is a great wrestling program.

Five of the eleven wrestlers in the history of Section XI who amassed 200+ wins have been Rocky Point wrestlers.

They have won back to back Section XI Dual Meet Championships.

Darren Goldstein takes care of his wrestlers on and off the mat and has been smart enough and ego-less enough to surround himself with great people to continue to build the program.

At last count yesterday there were four additional coaches helping in one way or another.

Rocky Point is a model program.

For many reasons.

Yesterday one of those reasons came to light.

One would think by viewing the video below that jubilation you see from Rocky Point’s bench was because that victory sealed the dual meet.

You would be wrong.

The dual meet had already been handily won by some 40+ points when 
7th grader Nicholas Lamorte stepped on a high school wrestling mat for his first time.

And got his first win of his career.

Rocky Point is a great wrestling program because they are a great team.

A team that takes pride and enjoys the success of all of its family.




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