What Do You Do If It Happens To You?


An Inspirational Essay On How To Recover From A Life-Changing Event

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Every day there is a person in this world who is the unfortunate recipient of an injustice so tragic, so unimaginable, so unfair, so incomprehensible that it will break your heart to witness.

Someone always seems to have their dream shattered, trampled upon right in front of our us. Something will go awry and so off the tracks that everything that person worked for their whole life, dreamed of, sacrificed for will be unfairly and unjustifiably taken from them.

Snatched from them.

Stolen from them.

Fortunately, with over 3 billion people in the world the odds of it happening to you are pretty slim.

Death, a divorce, a diagnosis, a random act of violence.

They always happen to other people.


But what do you do if it does happen to you?

Hidden in the words of this powerful 16-page essay, which is written to its proper length, is the game plan on how to recover from one of these life-changing events.

Written with firsthand experience from a Life-Changing Events Club member.

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