The Every Breath Is Gold Series – Book 2 

It is recommended that you read
6 Minutes Wrestling with Life
Prior to reading AGAIN.


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There are going to be many occasions where you are faced with giving up, where the normal person would not hold it against you for stopping, where almost everyone would give you a pat on the back for a valiant effort.

It is at that time that you have a choice to make, you could accept the alibi that is being thrown to you, or you can try “Again.”

The ability to keep going on when you think that you can’t go on anymore.

When you have given everything to achieve a goal and you come up short.

Your fight inside of you cannot be dictated by the amount of time left on the clock, or by the score, or by relying on getting good breaks over bad ones.

Your fight inside of you must be dictated by the outcome that you want to achieve.

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